Corporate & Commercial Law

I have practiced in Corporate and Commercial Law since graduating Law School. I have represented clients with respect to many types of corporate matters from very simple incorporations to extremely large and more complex corporate development including negotiation and drafting Shareholder Agreements, and Joint Venture Agreements. My office has also represented many Corporations and individuals in the purchase and/or sale of a business, either by way of an Asset Purchase or Sale, or a Share Purchase or Sale. Some of these transactions have been extremely large and of a complex nature, both with respect to the type of corporate infrastructure and terms of sale or purchase, but also with respect to the dollar value of the transaction involved.

In addition, we have a great deal of experience in Corporate Financing with the need to prepare security documents in many transactions and not only in the nature of General Security Agreements, but also other security interests including registrations under the Personal Property Security Act. Our support staff, as well, provide a combined level of experience exceeding 40 years in the practice of both real estate and corporate/commercial law.

Wills & Estates

I also practice in the area of Wills and Estates. We provide the necessary legal services in, not only the counseling and preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, but also in the administration of the Estate, whether it be filing of Letters of Administration, to the completion and winding down of the Estate.

Criminal Law

At one point in my career, I had primarily restricted my practice to the field of Criminal Law. I have continued since 1981 to practice in this area, having defended those facing all types of criminal charges. We represent accused persons throughout the Province.

Real Estate Law

I have been a solicitor in Hamilton since 1981 and I have practiced in the field of Real Estate Law throughout that entire period of time. I was born in Hamilton, my father was a new home builder in our City and the surrounding area for well over 50 years, allowing me an opportunity to work on the job site and learn the industry from the inside out.

I have represented thousands of Vendors and Purchasers, new homes and resales, multi-unit, commercial and residential properties, and presently represent several builders in our community. Consequently, my experience in real estate law is quite extensive and well rounded.

Personal Injury Law

Again, I have provided legal services in the area of personal injury, slip and fall or motor vehicle accidents.  Generally, the legal fees are paid on a contingency basis.  In other words, you do not pay unless we recover money.

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